Why a buyers agent

Buying property on Mallorca when you are living overseas might seem a daunting task even if the process itself is not necessarily complex. Searching for the ideal property, whether it is to be a holiday home, a home to retire in or an investment in local property, simply by looking at photographs on a website will surely lead to disappointment.

After all, the photos on the internet are provided by a selling agent acting for the vendor and you can be sure that they will only show flattering photos of the property. Equally, madly rushing around during your holiday on Mallorca, to look at properties, can be a recipe for disaster: your holiday will be spoilt and chances are that you will not find the property that suits you best.

Once you have found the property that is right for you, there is a lot of official paperwork involved in moving to and living on Mallorca and it can seem overwhelming, particularly if your Spanish language skills are not excellent. 

Our purpose is to take all the pain out of the process, leaving you to the important business of settling into your new life on this lovely island: we act only for buyers, never for property owners or developers and we commit contractually to never being remunerated by anyone other than our clients.