Value proposition

Full Service

We provide assistance during the entire process starting with your dream to buy on Mallorca until you have comfortably moved in. With our help and our experience you will be able to buy a good, well located and legally built property, but we will also take away most of the hassle.

Increased assurance

“A recently carried out survey amongst property owners in Spain, asking them about their experience of buying property in Spain, revealed the most worrying result that as many as 24% of respondents were either unhappy or very unhappy with the whole buying experience in Spain.  When nearly a quarter of buyers are having their dreams ruined something is obviously very wrong.”  – (Internet blog)

The positive side is that 76% of the respondents of that particular survey were happy with their purchase in Spain, so it's not bad news for everyone. Our services will ensure that your experience will be a happy one.

Less effort

“PLEASE carry out the necessary (and more) due diligence before buying anything in Spain (or any other country for that matter).  Any effort at the beginning will pay dividends in the long run.  Remember that for most people avoiding pain comes before seeking pleasure.” – (Website - UK law firm)

Our local presence allows us to screen the entire market following your brief.

Better deal

"You need somebody who understands the law of your chosen country, and speaks the language fluently. Don't use someone recommended by your developer or estate agent, they may not have your best interests at heart." (The Guardian – Aug 2013)

Being truly independent we do not split commission with the seller’s agent as we always want to keep your best interest at heart. This puts us in a much stronger position to negotiate the final price. Some will work with no charge to you as they share commission with the seller’s agent. We must assume they do this only within a close circle of friendly colleagues.