We represent one party only, YOU as the buyer of property. We negotiate the best price and the best terms. To achieve this transparency and maintain fully independent, we charge our fees directly to you.

There are others that will not charge you a fee as they get paid by the seller’s real estate agency. In our opinion this does not guarantee independence nor transparency. As they charge the seller, you will not know which fee they earned because of your purchase nor if they ensured that you have obtained the best price possible.

You will find that our fees are largely compensated by the price reduction we can obtain as a result of our independence from real-estate agents. 

Our fees contain the following elements:

  • A complementary initial meeting and review of your criteria. Following this we scan the market and visit targeted properties. We report back to you (by mail) and present the top 3 selected properties.
  • If you decide to proceed and come to Mallorca you will be charged a fixed fee of € 1.500 (incl VAT).
  • If following your visit you want us to refine or adjust your search we will be happy to do so. Also we will then discuss the extend of the services required.
  • A success fee is due once the contract becomes unconditional.