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Golf on Mallorca

Saturday 10 October 2015 by Pieter Van Essche

Golf on Mallorca

Swinging your golf club around in nice, breezy weather, on a golf course that is well kept and adapted to your ability, is every golfer’s dream. It’s no surprise that golf players all over Europe (and beyond) have discovered Mallorca as a top destination to practise their swing.

Take a swing with breathtaking views

Mallorca has everything a golf player needs. The island has around 20 golf courses, of which 11 are official standard courses. They are of high quality and situated in very appealing surroundings, often with sea view. Most of them are 18 hole courses. All courses are open to the public, tourists and other non-members included. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, or even a professional, you’ll be sure to find the perfect course for your ability on Mallorca. Because of this, many golf championships are held on the island.

Of course, Mallorca’s mild temperatures make golf an even more enjoyable experience. However, it is advisable to play your game of golf in the mornings or evenings, especially if you’re not used to the heat. As you can imagine, there aren’t many places to hide from the sun on a golf course and you wouldn’t be the first one to forfeit a game because of it.

Golf on Mallorca is also relatively affordable. Depending on where you go and the time of year, prices vary between 60 and 150 euros. So no expensive memberships needed.

Where to go?

If you’re an experienced golfer, the Pula golf course in the north east of Mallorca is definitely for you. It is considered the most challenging course, but because of the varying tee points, you don’t have to be a (semi) professional to enjoy it.

Alcanda Golf Course

The Alcanada golf club is also quite challenging, but is probably most popular because of the incredible views over the bay and the Tramuntana Mountains. This course is definitely for those who want to combine their favourite sport with the most beautiful surroundings. Other courses with breathtaking views and a stunning natural environment are the Canyamel Golf Club and Vall d’Or Golf Club.

Andratx golf course

Just beginning as a golfer, or traveling with a group of mixed ability? Capdepera Golf Course, with flat airways and spacious greens, or Poniente Golf Club are the places to be.

Santa ponsa golf course

You can find the complete list of Mallorca’s golf courses here.

Make the most of it!

It is clear that most golf players travelling to Mallorca aren’t just there to play golf. For a lot of them, the surroundings are at least as important as the course itself, accommodation included. If you want to experience the luxury treatment, you should stay in one of the upscale hotels that are attached to some of the larger golf courses. Not only will your accommodation be flawless, you can also enjoy the advantage of reduced green fees, easy access to the course, spa facilities, fine dining … In short, everything you could possibly wish for.

To plan your golf holiday on Mallorca, visit http://www.simplymallorcagolf.com or http://www.mallorcagolfholidays.com for specialized travel advice.

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