About us

We discovered Mallorca almost by accident some 30 years ago. We came back every year for a short holiday until we bought our first property on the island in 2002. Since then, we conducted a number of transactions for our own account and assisted friends with their purchases on the island. We also concluded real estate transactions in our home country of Belgium as well as in Switzerland and built up the relevant experience, even if our initial careers were not in this industry.

In addition, we are well established in the local community and are resident on Mallorca.

Pieter was EMEA Chief Financial Officer for one of the top 4 worldwide audit and consulting firms. Integrity, reliability and client centricity have been at the center of his professional career. Pieter is an expert in the coordination of various financial and legal aspects of transactions. This combined with the experience of buying property and the contacts developed with lawyers, notaries, building constructors and maintenance firms, puts us in a position to be able to offer a full service to our customers.

Maria-Magdalena was a PR professional to many first class companies and has a unique feeling for home improvement opportunities and interior decoration. This will add significant value to your house search, potential modifications and decoration, making it a place where you will feel at home.